About Us: 
cpr chain of survival imageLisa Lytle is the founder, owner and operator of Life Support Training.  Life Support Training was established in 1988.
Because of my experiences as a Paramedic and a police officer, I have had a view of people in crisis.  Emergencies are overwhelming-even to those of us educated in the management of them. 
I decided to make it my mission to teach and certify people in CPR, First Aid, Automated External Defibrillation (A.E.D.) to better prepare the public for these situations.
I have traveled all over Texas and the surrounding states to bring training to businesses, schools, day cares, nursing homes, police and fire departments, dentist and doctors offices, church groups, private individuals, medical professionals.
After seeing unneccesary infant deaths, I created courses that address Shaken Baby Syndrome, S.I.D.S. and Development of the Baby's Brain .
Some of the other offerings of  Life Support Training:

CPR, First Aid, Automated External Defibrillation (A.E.D.)  Training and Distributor. Shaken Baby Syndrome S.I.D.S and Development of the Baby's Brain. Hearing & Vision Screening, Blood borne Pathogens, CPR for Health Care Providers, A.C.L.S., P.A.L.S. and Forklift Training. We are now offering on line classes for most all of these courses.